What is Bobby up to now?

Bobby is giving all his positive energy in the studio to create his 2nd CD for a 2012 release.

Bobby co-wrote several of the songs with songwriter/producer/artist Brian Knox. He worked with Adrian Harpham, producer/drummer, who produce several of the tracks. Bobby co-wrote two of the other songs on the CD with his keyboard player, Ron Thompson and his bass player, Gene Torres.

One of the highlights of the new DC will be the very first song Bobby has ever written. Bobby’s nephews, Juan & Marcus, asked when will he record their favorite song he used to sing to them when they were knee high. Well, the wait is over.

Looking forward to hearing what Bobby’s heart and soul will deliver? I loved his first CD “Soul Purpose“, which is in the process of being re-packaged with a new look and, maybe, just maybe two remixes! That’s the buzzzzzzz!  “Soul Purpose” can be purchased on iTunes. My favorite on “Soul Purpose” is “What do you call it? I call it Love”.

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