Some Reviews on “Soul Purpose”

“Bobby Harden’s breath-taking voice has brought him his nickname, “The Soul Man from New York”.”

— TZ Newspaper, Munich

“Soul, blues and full of spirit.”

— Abendzeitung Newspaper, Munich

“This New Yorker offers a soul that could have come from a Southern studio 20 years ago. Absolutely not that it’s out of date – on the contrary, there is a freshness and a punch that immediately grabs the listener.”

— Soul Bag magazine, France

“…a wonderful voice that conveys the lyrics (he) sings beautifully. (He) must get mad respect from (his) peers.”

— Hosh Gureli, Senior Director, A&R, Arista Records

“…a high intense delivery that recalls Little Johnny Taylor and Otis Rush.”

— Living Blues, NY

“Bobby Harden is one of the finest singers heard in ages … nothing short of brilliant.”

— River Reporter, NY


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