On A New Mission

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog!
Lots of great things are brewing with my career! My 40 day fast from all thoughts that are not positive is paying off! Now, it’s my way of life! Thanks Rev Erin McCabe for suggesting the 40 day fast. This new commitment to staying positive has allowed me to set new goals for my career, or should I say “dust off the old goals and put life back into them.”

I’m on a mission to take my music career on another level! To live my “dream career!” Which is the following: First and foremost is always to be a responsible and loving father to my two beautiful daughters and a faithful and loving husband to my beautiful wife; to write and record and put out a new cd every year, to find outlets that will give me the opportunity to perform my music, and to market all my music successfully from my new, updated website coming your way soon.

My friend and professional web designer, Matthias Kern, has done an excellent job at creating a site where I can keep you updated with performance dates, videos, new pics, new songs to down load and other great pages. My buddy and professional graphic designer/DJ, Matt Rockman, is repackaging my first cd, Soul Purpose, with a super cool design. This new packaging is awesome! Matt did a great job! I love it! I was even considering using it for the new cd, but Matt designed the cover for Soul Purpose; not for the new cd. I know he’ll come up with a design that will be perfect for the new cd.

I’m telling you, this new dedication to going to the next level is keeping me fired up and excited. My wife, Pia, is 100% behind me. She says it’s time “Bobby.” Go for it!

Now, I’m in the studio working on the last six songs. Still need to add background vocals, over dub guitar parts and some keyboard parts and then add horns. Then the final mix, which to me, is one of the most exciting parts of a recording project. I said July was the expected date but August could come in as the winner! I’m enjoying the journey.

This new cd is going to be solid as a ROCK! The musicians, singers, songwriters, producer, engineer so far have given 100%! They’re all my super talented friends! Adrian Harpham produced the first four tracks. And, I’m producing the next six tracks. I got little nervous at first because I am use to always working with a producer, but after taking Ron Thompson, Gene Torrres, Richie Gonzales, Chris Carter and Herbie Maitlandt into the studio and letting them do their thing on the last six tracks, NO worries! It’s really great to be working with all of them on this project. They’ve worked with me for a long time, so they know where I’m coming from musically. Gene Torres co-wrote one of the tracks with me, “Where Is The Love?” It took us about five years to finish it. Thanks a lot Gene for keeping me waiting. The song is going to be worth the wait! Ron Thompson also co-wrote a song with me, “Let’s Get Real.” Another, groove that will definitely get you feeling good! Of course, I’m going to say great things about my own cd, but you will be the final judge!

All the tracks will be downloadable for .99 cents. I remember back in the day when I had to buy the full cd to discover I only liked one or two of the songs. It’s nice to have the option now! But I got a great feeling you are going to love the 10 tracks that will be coming your way! More about the project as it happens. Also, I want to thank my good friend and photographer, Lee Henderson, for coming to all the sessions and photo documenting them all. He’s been great!

OK my friend, if you know of any great booking agents that book festivals, in and out of the country, radio stations, in and out of the country, send them my way.
Thank you my friend for stopping by. Have a Great Day!
I’ll leave you with one of my wife’s favorite affirmations: “I cross all bridges with joy and ease”.

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