CD Baby Reviews for “Soul Purpose”

Soul Purpose

wonderful, this is one of the best cds i have bought in a long time, very nice music and the songs are great, I TRULY LOVE IT!!!!

– Martel Allen

Keeper of the flame

Bobby is a journeyman singer whose music is as timeless as love and as fresh as a new dawn, combining the fuel of the traditional with the spark of the latest thing. A true keeper of the flame.

– Roger Bartlett

An essential album, buy it and love it.

Wow, this was the first word that came to my mind after pressing play button in my CD player. Bobby Harden’s voice is one of the sweetest ones on the scene, both the past one and the present one. A voice made to sing soul music. His songs are interesting and arrangements are catchy. The song “What Do You Call It?” should become a classic, as popular as “Soul Man”, “In The Midnight Hour” or “Dark End Of The Street”. For deep soul lovers this is an essential album. Buy it and love it.

– Przemek Draheim, Polish Blues & Radio Host

We love “Soul Purpose”

Internet Music Radio, “Gone Fishing for Blue Skies”, loves the world of Bobby Harden. Personal favorite, “What Do You Call It?”

– cloud nine and cloud seven

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