Aug 13th, UK Boomtown Hampshire, Bobby Harden with the Original Blues Brothers Band

The Original Blues Brothers Pic

Aug 13th, The Original Blues Brothers™ Band” featuring …

Steve “The Colonel” Cropper-Guitar
Lou “Blue Lou” Marini-Sax
Leon “The Lion” Pendarvis-Keys
Eric “The Red” Udel-Bass
Lee “Funkytime” Finklestein-Drums
Larry “Trombonius Maximus” Farrell-Trombone

Steve “Catfish” Howard – Trumpet

John “Smokin’ John” Tropea – Guitar

Rob “The Honeydripper” Paparozzi-Vocals and Harp
Bobby “Sweet Soul” Harden-Vocals

Tommy “Pipes” McDonnell – Vocals

The Original Blues Brothers Band is alive and well. Original members hand-picked by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd have assembled the ultimate rhythm and blues review and have emerged as a powerful entity in their own right. The Blues Brothers Band, best known for the Universal Pictures feature films “The Blues Brothers” and “Blues Brothers 2000″ and the Atlantic Record triple-platinum album “Briefcase Full of Blues” and the soundtracks from both Films.

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